Scuttlebutt-July 19, 1685

Ahoy All! T’is your Old Mate Roger the Red here to share with ye a couple of the Rogues most recent activities.

On June 27th of this year a good handful of us strolled Belmont Pier in Long Beach for the annual “Pirate Daze” event hosted by Alfredo’s Beach Club. This was a festive gathering of many crews and a chance to share good times with our friends in the Pirate Community. It was a cool and windy Saturday-we even got a brief sprinkling of rain-a perfect day for laughing and  shopping the vendors then grabbing a drink and bit o’ grub while listening to good live music from Favorite Band “The Pirate Charles” and other acts. There was a ceremony held by “The Order of the Leviathan” an honorary group that our Quartermaster Duncan McGregor is a candidate to join this year-We all wish him the best and urge those in the Community to vote for him-at least one time, if not more.
 It was a raucous mix of Pirates and Privateers with the Public, plus a smattering of Mermaids, Steam Punks and Faerie Folk, all enjoying a scene filled with fine fellowship and good-natured carousing. This is a free annual public event and we heartily recommend it to all.
A half dozen and more of us spent an all American 4th of July at the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial 1847 Independence Day Re-enactment & Salute Los Angeles Day. This locale was on Hill St. in Downtown L.A., the site of the first independence Day Celebration after California gained statehood. The Rogues were there, this time in Californio mode, to crew a Cannon Salute under the direction of our Quartermaster. We blew off eight rounds throughout the ceremony-setting off car alarms with each of our two 4 pounders loud reports. I myself also served in a Musket Salute to the 28 states of the United States at the time of California’s admission- with a few misfires, aye, but we got through it. Our Quartermaster and Gun Captain, Dan McGrew-aka Duncan McGregor, was named Honorary Fort Moore Garrison Artillery Specialist and provided closing remarks as well. It was a fine ceremony-a little strange to be firing our guns, dressed in early 19th century garb, next to a busy street in Downtown Los Angeles. But a little strange is how we likes it-sometimes.
We Rogues have a Private Live Firing Event in the near future-(with real ammo this time!) possibly cannon crewing on a Tall-Ship, and a gathering of our Confederate Blockade Runners within the near future. We have a couple of New Recruits, but we can always use more. I’ll keep you posted on our Public Appearances and hope you’ll come on out-We’d love to meet you.
Fair Winds, RtR

Scuttlebutt-May 20, 1685

Ahoy Mates! T’is Roger the Red-or RtR for short-again. Now, I’m assuming that ye all know what Privateers are. But as me sainted Mum used to say “Never Assume!,”and I assume you all know why. So, for the edification of those few that might not know, I shall review the basics.

A PRIVATEER refers to both a privately owned vessel of war and to the sailors that manned them as well. Privateer ships sailed for different governments with a document called a “Letter of Marque and Reprisal” or “Letter of Marque” for short. This was basically a license issued by the different power, England, Spain, France and the Netherlands, to individual non-naval captains and crews to attack and capture the ships of enemy nations for a percentage of all booty taken. This system was especially favored in the New World of the 16th and 17th centuries when the Navies of the major powers were focused on the endless wars between European nations. Privateers represented colonial governments far from their parent countries. During the American Revolution, for example, the only Naval forces Colonial America had were Privateers, John Paul Jones being the most notable example.
But in the “Golden Age of Piracy”  there was thin line between “technically” legal Privateering and outright Piracy which was often crossed, intentionally or not. If an English Privateer were captured by the Spanish, he would be tried and executed as a Pirate, and vice versa. With communications being what they were back in the day, a Privateer ship with a Letter of Marque might set out to voyage against an enemy, only to have peace break out between the former enemies while they were cut off from their home ports. Capturing a former enemy’s vessel was considered an act of Piracy and punishable by law. Many became Pirates by choice, especially after periods of peace when they were “Thrown up on the Beach,”  no longer needed by the Powers that formerly depended on them. These sailor/ warriors had the ships and the skills to capture ships of ANY nation and thus many became Pirates-the Enemies of all Mankind!
But as long as the wars raged on,as they did through much of the 17th & 18th centuries, Privateers fought throughout the Caribbean for whichever nation paid them best.
Any questions? Come Meet Us and Ask, Mates!
Yer Olde RtR

Upcoming Events List

Ahoy Mates! Roger the Red, yer humble Chronicler here to tell you of some exciting upcoming events that we Rogues will be attending as a Crew or in smaller groups of individual members. Here be the list:

June 27th-28th Pier days Pirate Invasion at Belmont Shores-We’ll be rovin’ and roamin’ the pier amongst the Merchants, Food Vendors and  Musical acts- all are welcome!

Sept. 4th thru 6th Huntington Beach Civil War- We’ll be there as Confederate Blockade Runners-come visit us, Y’all!

Sept. 12th-13th Dana Point Tall Ships Festival-The Rouges will be there amidst the throngs of folks that enjoy this yearly event. Eat, shop and enjoy top Musical Acts-You can even go out on a Battle Sail aboard one of several Tall Ships that gather for this Fest.

Oct. 9th thru 11th is the Lone Pine Movie Festival…We’ll be there-will you?

Oct. 13th thru 19th TN and Ft. Loudon ( Need more info on this event please)

Oct 17th -18th Some of us will be traveling to Vonore, Tennessee for the Ft. Loudoun 18th Century Trade Faire-a chance to meet some fine reenactors and spend the Booty from our many captures!

Nov. 6th- 7th Flabob Airport-We’ll be in our Old West Personas performing skits and enjoying good time camping in this low pressure event. Many time periods represented along with live Music and Aerial shows-Yee Haw!

TBA-Christmas in the Colonies at Riley’s Farm is an annual period immersive celebration-a Grand Feast and Party set in Colonial America.

Period Costuming is required and there is a fee to attend. This event sells out every year, so purchasing tickets as soon as possible is advised. Needless to say, you may meet many of we Rogues there. Cheers!

These events all have websites, and further information may be obtained there. We may develop additional events and will be sure to keep you informed of our activities-as well as reminding you of the aforementioned appearances and providing pertinent information as it becomes available. And as always, we’d love to meet you-share a chat or a photo opportunity-or maybe sign you up, if that be your wish.

Fair winds and a Following Sea Till Our Sea-paths Cross Once More,

Roger Cochoran


Chesty Doubloons-Gunner’s Mate


Melissa 1Finer yet more sinister pirate’s booty won’t be found upon the seven seas. Our Ms. Doubloons has had the dubious pleasure of mastering the kiss of death. This sharp shooter carries gunpowder in her corset and bullet balls in her purse. A doxy of the highest caliber, she’s been known to lead a crew to victory when the frightened cannoneer becomes an undignified blunderbuss. A woman not to be scorned, a sorry fate awaits those limp and soggy sailors who dare to cross her. Legend tells of the salty rapscallions who’ve not made good on their promises—whether it be gifting to her a richly fine portion of their treasure and turning into mean and stingy misers, or declaring their undying devotion only to be found with some poxy tartlet—they beg to walk the plank over shark-infested waters rather than face the wrath of this treasure of a wench.

Duncan MacGregor-Quartermaster

Dan 2

Duncan MacGregor was sold into indentured servitude to a Sea Captain by his parents in Glasgow, Scotland, because as the 10th child in the family he was never going to have any inheritance or life.  He shipped out as a cabin boy at age 9.  Over the years he learned Navigation and how to command a merchant ship, as well as the business of merchants, reading, math and writing.  In 1682 the ship he was on was “taken” by a ship of the Royal Navy, and he was pressed into service.  He quickly learned cannon gunnery, and rose to Gun Captain.  In an odd situation, his ship was in port with some Privateers, and an enforced trade was made for him (the Navy needed a medical officer).  The first engagement of the Privateer with Duncan aboard did not go well, but Duncan took command of the guns and turned certain defeat to victory.  The previous Quartermaster was killed in that action, and Duncan was elected Quartermaster.  He has since allied with Captain Michael McLeod, and the two of them have become quite successful in their “business” endeavors.

Isobel Fraser-Seamstress


Isobel Lynne 2has practiced the art of sewing since she was a wee young lass in Beauly, Inverness-shire, in the highlands of Scotland. Now she is a professional seamstress sewing clothing for sailors and townsfolk. In order to live in the style she desires, she has also sold stolen goods for the privateers. She have also been known to play a wee tune or two on the pipes.

Roger Cochoran-Gunner & Chronicler


Roger Cochoran, also known as “Roger the Red” is a Gunner aboard the sloop “Morning Star” and a full time drunk. He got his nickname from Captain Macleod, who called him “Red” for his Red hair and perpetually flushed face, a by-product of too much sun and rum. He learned cannonry under the tutelage of Quartermaster MacGregor and Lieutenant Ripper, who ollen smacked him in the head with the rammin’ mop to keep his attention focused. When he is not serving the guns, his habits are drinkin’ rum, singing shanty’s and playin’ guitar for his Fo’c’sle mates, drinkin’ rum and creatin’ crappy jewelry from pilfered trinkets to sell to his mates and buy more rum. And drinkin’ rum.  As he is a rather portly olde salt, he  never climbs the ratlines and is often sent down into the hold to act as ballast when  the ship is lightly loaded. It is fortunate that most enemies surrender to the “Morning Star” almost immediately as his aim is very poor. He once sank a Spaniard while trying to put a shot across her bow. He is semi-literate and often writes irritating misspelled missives while aboard, resulting in threats of flogging from the Brant 1Quartemaster. A right lout is Roger the Red.

Liberté Sparrow-Musician & Entertainer

 Liberte 1

Ahoy Mates!   My name is Liberté Sparrow and I sail the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf Coast. I have been known to frequent other ports friendly to those who ply my trade.

I belong to a pirate crew called the Rogue Privateers, a re-enactment group who portrays the romance, history and life of pirates, privateers, buccaneers and the like, mainly from the 1600’s to the 1800’s.  I also sail on my own or with other crews and dock in new ports when the opportunity arises, as a good pirate always pursues what pleases them and is most advantageous.  A successful pirate has many opportunities to pursue for fun, music, food, drink and prizes!

I also play the Bodhrán, or Celtic folk drum, percussion as well as a drum kit with a couple of pirate bands, as well as sing and play various other drums and percussion.  I also enjoy finding other fyne pirate musicians to jam with and love to entertain my mates and those from other ships.

Liberté is also the Arabic Pirate Harriyeh, a belly dancer from the Barbary Coast.  Harriyeh sails the seas as a pirate, originally captured by corsairs, where she danced to entertain and lulled them into falling in love with her and her dancing, and they spared her life.  Harriyeh entertains the crew when they make merry aboard ship and in port.



Mad Jack McMad-Lout & Ships Drunkard


A better man drunk than sober for any kind of work, Mad Jack has been described as a poltroon, bounder, scheming scoundrel, mutinous rakehell, blackguard, cutpurse and mountebank. If there are any crimes at sea to be done, Mad Jack’s your man. His motto? “Shoot em in the back from cover!”Mad Jack 1

Rum Annie Flint-Lieutenant & Gunner

Rum Annie 1

Born Annabelle Lorelei Flint on June 26, 1664 in Cheshire, Wales (Flintshire County which lies in Northeast Wales), to Captain James Thomas Flint (July 23, 1638-January 17, 1692) and Maura Elizabeth Stewart (May 1, 1643-April 10, 1674).  Anne and her parents lived in Cheshire until she was 10 years old, when her mother passed.  Her father had been in the Royal Navy from 1653 to 1659, at which time he acquired the schooner, “Golden Oak.”  He sailed as a merchant ship for hire from 1659 to 1666.  As times were hard and sailing a merchant ship was dangerous and not very profitable, he requested and was granted a Letter of Marque from the English government, changed the schooner’s name to “HELLHOUND” and became a privateer.   In 1674 when Anne’s mother passed, her father had no alternative but to take his 10 year old daughter along on his nautical “excursions.”  Having learned to cook, sew, brew beer and make soap from her mother, she soon applied those skills on board the HELLHOUND.  James decided to take his daughter and crew to the new English colonies of the Americas in 1674 to seek his fortune there.  Anne sailed with her father until his death in 1692.  During that time she had also acquired the necessary skills of the cannon crew, flintlock and swordsmanship.  It was also during this time that she became affectionately known as Rum Annie due to her somewhat obsessive readiness to join in a fight.  After her father’s death, Rum Annie took over the Captain’s duties and renamed the ship, “Miss Fortune.”  She continued to sail until 1702 at which time she leased  the Miss Fortune to her loyal crew for a small percentage of their take and opened a tavern in New York (The Nags Head) on the Hudson River.  Finding that the mundane life of a business owner didn’t suit her, she signed on as a gunner with the Morning Star and has since attained the rank of Lieutenant although she still mans the cannons when duty calls.