We Rogues…

This historically accurate crew of privateers portrays the life of pirates with letters of marque (aka privateers) during the golden age of piracy, circa 1620-1720. The crew was brought together in order to participate in West Coast re-enactment events.

The crew is comprised of re-enactors from many different pirate groups as well as non-affiliated re-enactors so the emphasis is on cooperation and the achievement of common goals. These goals include educating the public on the accurate portrayal of privateers in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe during this exciting period of naval history.

The setting for our living history presentations is our land-based encampment between sailing journeys because we can reach out to more people on land than aboard a ship. In addition to portraying life in our home port, we also demonstrate the use of period weapons in ship-to-ship combat such as flintlock style small arms, cannons, and sword fighting. We also present demonstrations of basic seamanship and period music.

Our historically accurate presentation reflects the culture, language, attitudes and dress of the time period. However, we must adjust this to a certain extent because some mannerisms and behaviors common to the era are no longer accepted in modern society.

Despite all the parameters, standards and restrictions, we are about having fun! If a crew member is not having fun, then it certainly will not be fun nor memorable to those who observe and interact with us.