Scuttlebutt-May 8th, 1685

So what is it you do at events, you may ask?

That depends on the nature of the event and the period portrayed. Generally our goal is to educate and entertain our public through presentations and personal interactions. For example, at a Privateering event, we offer a short discourse on the nature of Privateers in the 17th Century, including tactics and weapons demonstrations. Sword fights, small arms firing of period correct guns, and of course our favorite, the Cannons! (Cover your ears!) We also feature working, hands-on, kid friendly demonstration machinery to give our audience an idea of the kinds of work done by sailors of that day, as well as displays of livestock, period foods, and many other visual displays, along with our knowledgeable crew to elaborate on the items we present.

In Western mode, we generally perform rip roaring skits with as much gun fire as we can work into them.

All our performers are certified, insured and safety trained and re-trained constantly. Safety in performance is ALWAYS our primary concern.

Sometimes we are invited to events where we are roaming costumed persona’s, such as in Californio or Revolutionary War celebrations. In our unique demonstration of Civil War Confederate Blockade Runners, our aim is to educate.  We are the only group in the United States to present this segment of American History.

Though we are not a “For Profit” organization, we are professionals in every sense of the word.  We are also “Guns for Hire” on occasion and usually available to work public or private events at reasonable rates.  Interested parties may contact us online or in person at any of our events.

I hope this gives you an overview of the scope and breadth of our crew’s activities and that you’ll join us, either as an observer or possibly sign on with us. Either way, we’d love to meet you, Mates!