Duncan MacGregor-Quartermaster

Dan 2

Duncan MacGregor was sold into indentured servitude to a Sea Captain by his parents in Glasgow, Scotland, because as the 10th child in the family he was never going to have any inheritance or life.  He shipped out as a cabin boy at age 9.  Over the years he learned Navigation and how to command a merchant ship, as well as the business of merchants, reading, math and writing.  In 1682 the ship he was on was “taken” by a ship of the Royal Navy, and he was pressed into service.  He quickly learned cannon gunnery, and rose to Gun Captain.  In an odd situation, his ship was in port with some Privateers, and an enforced trade was made for him (the Navy needed a medical officer).  The first engagement of the Privateer with Duncan aboard did not go well, but Duncan took command of the guns and turned certain defeat to victory.  The previous Quartermaster was killed in that action, and Duncan was elected Quartermaster.  He has since allied with Captain Michael McLeod, and the two of them have become quite successful in their “business” endeavors.