Roger Cochoran-Gunner & Chronicler


Roger Cochoran, also known as “Roger the Red” is a Gunner aboard the sloop “Morning Star” and a full time drunk. He got his nickname from Captain Macleod, who called him “Red” for his Red hair and perpetually flushed face, a by-product of too much sun and rum. He learned cannonry under the tutelage of Quartermaster MacGregor and Lieutenant Ripper, who ollen smacked him in the head with the rammin’ mop to keep his attention focused. When he is not serving the guns, his habits are drinkin’ rum, singing shanty’s and playin’ guitar for his Fo’c’sle mates, drinkin’ rum and creatin’ crappy jewelry from pilfered trinkets to sell to his mates and buy more rum. And drinkin’ rum.  As he is a rather portly olde salt, he  never climbs the ratlines and is often sent down into the hold to act as ballast when  the ship is lightly loaded. It is fortunate that most enemies surrender to the “Morning Star” almost immediately as his aim is very poor. He once sank a Spaniard while trying to put a shot across her bow. He is semi-literate and often writes irritating misspelled missives while aboard, resulting in threats of flogging from the Brant 1Quartemaster. A right lout is Roger the Red.