Liberté Sparrow-Musician & Entertainer

 Liberte 1

Ahoy Mates!   My name is Liberté Sparrow and I sail the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf Coast. I have been known to frequent other ports friendly to those who ply my trade.

I belong to a pirate crew called the Rogue Privateers, a re-enactment group who portrays the romance, history and life of pirates, privateers, buccaneers and the like, mainly from the 1600’s to the 1800’s.  I also sail on my own or with other crews and dock in new ports when the opportunity arises, as a good pirate always pursues what pleases them and is most advantageous.  A successful pirate has many opportunities to pursue for fun, music, food, drink and prizes!

I also play the Bodhrán, or Celtic folk drum, percussion as well as a drum kit with a couple of pirate bands, as well as sing and play various other drums and percussion.  I also enjoy finding other fyne pirate musicians to jam with and love to entertain my mates and those from other ships.

Liberté is also the Arabic Pirate Harriyeh, a belly dancer from the Barbary Coast.  Harriyeh sails the seas as a pirate, originally captured by corsairs, where she danced to entertain and lulled them into falling in love with her and her dancing, and they spared her life.  Harriyeh entertains the crew when they make merry aboard ship and in port.