Rum Annie Flint-Lieutenant & Gunner

Rum Annie 1

Born Annabelle Lorelei Flint on June 26, 1664 in Cheshire, Wales (Flintshire County which lies in Northeast Wales), to Captain James Thomas Flint (July 23, 1638-January 17, 1692) and Maura Elizabeth Stewart (May 1, 1643-April 10, 1674).  Anne and her parents lived in Cheshire until she was 10 years old, when her mother passed.  Her father had been in the Royal Navy from 1653 to 1659, at which time he acquired the schooner, “Golden Oak.”  He sailed as a merchant ship for hire from 1659 to 1666.  As times were hard and sailing a merchant ship was dangerous and not very profitable, he requested and was granted a Letter of Marque from the English government, changed the schooner’s name to “HELLHOUND” and became a privateer.   In 1674 when Anne’s mother passed, her father had no alternative but to take his 10 year old daughter along on his nautical “excursions.”  Having learned to cook, sew, brew beer and make soap from her mother, she soon applied those skills on board the HELLHOUND.  James decided to take his daughter and crew to the new English colonies of the Americas in 1674 to seek his fortune there.  Anne sailed with her father until his death in 1692.  During that time she had also acquired the necessary skills of the cannon crew, flintlock and swordsmanship.  It was also during this time that she became affectionately known as Rum Annie due to her somewhat obsessive readiness to join in a fight.  After her father’s death, Rum Annie took over the Captain’s duties and renamed the ship, “Miss Fortune.”  She continued to sail until 1702 at which time she leased  the Miss Fortune to her loyal crew for a small percentage of their take and opened a tavern in New York (The Nags Head) on the Hudson River.  Finding that the mundane life of a business owner didn’t suit her, she signed on as a gunner with the Morning Star and has since attained the rank of Lieutenant although she still mans the cannons when duty calls.