Upcoming Events List

Ahoy Mates! Roger the Red, yer humble Chronicler here to tell you of some exciting upcoming events that we Rogues will be attending as a Crew or in smaller groups of individual members. Here be the list:

June 27th-28th Pier days Pirate Invasion at Belmont Shores-We’ll be rovin’ and roamin’ the pier amongst the Merchants, Food Vendors and  Musical acts- all are welcome!

Sept. 4th thru 6th Huntington Beach Civil War- We’ll be there as Confederate Blockade Runners-come visit us, Y’all!

Sept. 12th-13th Dana Point Tall Ships Festival-The Rouges will be there amidst the throngs of folks that enjoy this yearly event. Eat, shop and enjoy top Musical Acts-You can even go out on a Battle Sail aboard one of several Tall Ships that gather for this Fest.

Oct. 9th thru 11th is the Lone Pine Movie Festival…We’ll be there-will you?

Oct. 13th thru 19th TN and Ft. Loudon ( Need more info on this event please)

Oct 17th -18th Some of us will be traveling to Vonore, Tennessee for the Ft. Loudoun 18th Century Trade Faire-a chance to meet some fine reenactors and spend the Booty from our many captures!

Nov. 6th- 7th Flabob Airport-We’ll be in our Old West Personas performing skits and enjoying good time camping in this low pressure event. Many time periods represented along with live Music and Aerial shows-Yee Haw!

TBA-Christmas in the Colonies at Riley’s Farm is an annual period immersive celebration-a Grand Feast and Party set in Colonial America.

Period Costuming is required and there is a fee to attend. This event sells out every year, so purchasing tickets as soon as possible is advised. Needless to say, you may meet many of we Rogues there. Cheers!

These events all have websites, and further information may be obtained there. We may develop additional events and will be sure to keep you informed of our activities-as well as reminding you of the aforementioned appearances and providing pertinent information as it becomes available. And as always, we’d love to meet you-share a chat or a photo opportunity-or maybe sign you up, if that be your wish.

Fair winds and a Following Sea Till Our Sea-paths Cross Once More,

Roger Cochoran